Who We Work For


Choosing to install or refinish a wood floor in your home is a big decision affected by a variety of issues such as life style, geography, price and decor.

A hardwood flooring inspector, who is familiar with the latest products, services and trends in the industry can:

  • Help you make an informed decision regarding the product that is most suitable for your home
  • Determine when site-conditions are right to begin installation of your hardwood floors
  • Perform a comprehensive hardwood floor inspection to determine who is responsible should you have concerns with your hardwood floors

Architects and Designers

From residential installations to large commercial projects, specifications increasingly call for wood floors. Just as demand has grown, so has the variety and quality of available product. With the vast amount of product available, specifying the right hardwood floor is becoming more difficult.

A hardwood flooring inspector and consultant has the knowledge and resources to:

  • Help with specifying material to achieve a desired look or effect
  • Help with specifying execution so that the installation meets with industry standards
  • Determine when site-conditions are right to begin hardwood floor installation
  • Provide an unbiased inspection of any hardwood flooring concerns and determine the cause of the failure

Insurance Companies

With over 20 years in the hardwood flooring industry, Kjell Nymark is the hardwood flooring professional that insurance claim adjustors consult to obtain an accurate assessment of the damage to hardwood floors and is able to:

  • Assist the insurer and insured by fairly and accurately assessing the damage to the hardwood flooring
  • Provide a detailed written report why a floor has failed and who is responsible
  • Determine an approximate cost to repair the hardwood floors
  • Determine how to properly repair the damage so that the end result meets industry standards
  • Recommend currently available product alternatives of like kind and quality should replacement be necessary

Manufacturers and Distributors

Manufacturers and Distributors are often called to the jobsite to evaluate a hardwood flooring complaint. An independent, third-party with no vested financial interest in the outcome can:

  • Provide a detailed, unbiased hardwood flooring inspection with a written report outlining why the floor has failed and who is responsible
  • Assist in updating the wood flooring technical data including installation instructions and warranty information
  • Offer flooring education seminars to your clients
  • Be a local flooring source you can trust when flooring questions arise

Contractors and Builders

As an installer and sand & finisher for many years, I have been on projects where specifications are out-of-date or vague, or where site-conditions are less-than-optimal but there is incredible pressure to install the floor anyway due to tight timelines. As an independent inspector and third-party, I can:

  • Provide a pre-inspection determining jobsite readiness by documenting site conditions in a detailed written report
  • Determine acclimation time necessary for the purchased material
  • Provide consultation on the project from start to finish ensuring the hardwood flooring falls within industry standards
  • Explain environmental and site-conditions necessary for maintaining the hardwood floor
  • Provide an unbiased inspection of hardwood flooring concerns and determine the cause of a failure